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The custom requests I am currently accepting are for animals, musicians or famous people that others would be interested in as a print (canvas print, poster print or framed print). There is an exception for pet portraits, please CLICK HERE for pet portrait details. For custom requests, please contact me via social media or email:  I will review each request and let you know if your project is accepted.  When I work on any piece, inspiration and connection to the subject matter is a must. I love painting faces!  Whether it is an animal or a person, the face and they eyes are my focus.  Here are the guidelines for custom artwork:

  • Acrylic paintings on minimum size canvas 24 x 36.

  • Prices start at $500 and include one face/portrait with a textured background.  For additional requests (such as more than one face, detailed backgrounds, etc) please email for a quote.

  • My specialty is in the close-up details of the face. I love focusing on the eyes and conveying a feeling to the viewer. I prefer to paint faces rather than full bodies.  I also like to work on high contrast paintings, such as silhouettes or shapes of the face with sharp lines with deep shadows.  The style of painting I am focused on includes bright colors and layering with different textures.

  • I work from photographs and will need options that show details and have good lighting.

  • 50% down is required to get scheduled on my calendar.  I will keep you updated on the painting progress and share photos.  Once complete and we are both happy with the results, final payment plus shipping is due.   

  • Shipping starts at $110 (size 24 X 36) and goes up accordingly based on size, weight and destination.  Artwork is shipped via FedEx ground with professional packaging, insurance and signature delivery.

  • The timeframe for custom work varies depending on other projects that I currently have lined up.  For current timelines, please email.

I want you to LOVE your artwork!  Bringing happiness to you is my number one goal... satisfaction guaranteed.


Thank you friends for your patience and support of this small-owned business XO - MELA

All rights to the artwork, licensing and copyright owned by Melinda Lowry Anter (MELA)

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