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12 x 12 portrait for this handsome German Shepherd 'Cash'.



Capturing the eyes that look in to your soul in this German Shepherd's portrait.


Close-up of this handsome Golden Retriever's portrait.


A beautiful portrait of Lexi the Great Dane.


Portrait of these German Shepherd swimmers.  Love these faces!


Rocko's parents wanted his fur dark around the muzzle to show him in his prime.


Catching the personality of this pup in his portrait.


Custom portrait for this handsome Great Dane Beau.



Custom portrait made for Teddy, this fabulous Goldendoodle.


Custom portrait made for this beautiful bulldog.  Love the expression on the face!


Custom pillow made for Boston.



Custom portrait for German Shorthair Pointer.



Front and back custom Pillow for "The Original Pack".



 Custom artwork for Yorkie mix.



Drawing table

My drawing table with some finished art.



Custom portrait for bulldog size.


Front and back custom Pillow for Nina.



Front and back custom Pillow for Harley.



This original pack custom portrait.



Front and back custom Pillow for Kramer.



 I wanted to share some artwork that I've created over the years.  Below are some examples using different subjects and mediums:


mural painting of a tiger

Tiger mural using acrylic and Kwal paints.


pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of a beloved bulldog with his fur mom.


work in progress sketch
Work in progress - pencil sketch of a horse. 


acrylic paintings of animals

Acrylic paintings of animals and a fish mural.


tactical art

 Pencil drawings of tactical art.

tactical airbrush mural

Airbrush mural of a swat team at a tactical training center.


School project - graphic design plakatstil posters. For more portfolio work click here>


digital painting of dachshund

Digital painting of a long haired dachshund.


bulldog sketch

Charcoal drawing of a bulldog.


pet portrait

Prisma color drawing on suede board.