'Guardian Angel' Marine Remembered Original Acrylic Painting - SOLD

'Guardian Angel' Marine Remembered Original Acrylic Painting - SOLD

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Original acrylic painting of 'Guardian Angel'; Marine Remembered painted in honor of James Cottrell by Melinda Lowry Anter (MELA).  Special thanks to David L. Peterson for his coordination and financial help to get this painting to the Cottrell family. 

  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Size 24 X 24
  • Vibrant, textured colors
  • Hand signed by the artist

From MELA: This painting was created in honor of James Cottrell, a high school friend and a true war hero. He was our tiger mascot and I remember I was always impressed that he could still do a back flip with the full tiger uniform on, including the big furry head. James was tough and was one of our favorite wrestlers to cheer for. He always had a positive attitude no matter what happened. After his service as a marine, Joe and I were touched by his story that was shared through Canines with a Cause - an amazing organization that rescues dogs, gives inmates an opportunity to train them and then connects veterans suffering from PTSD to these dogs for companionship. James and his dog JD were a great example of how this program works. Thank you for your service. Keeping you and your family in our prayers. RIP James 🇺🇸

All rights to the artwork, licensing and copyright owned by Melinda Lowry Anter (MELA)

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