Nina.  My sweet, sweet little bean.  I wasn't ready to say goodbye.  I'll miss you standing at my feet while I cooked waiting for ANYTHING to drop, the click of your toenails on the wood floors, how you loved French fries, and always helped yourself to my ice cream when you thought I wasn't looking...your wet nose, your "demanding" woof letting us know it was time for bed...your love for chasing squirrels that were bigger than you, your stinky kisses...What I wouldn't do for just one more.

We had 10 of the best years together and sadly your little heart wasn't strong enough to give me any more.  I'm grateful for our final snuggles today, but my heart will always be a little empty.  Rest peacefully my little bean.  May you find all the treats your heart desires and I hope you finally catch one of those squirrels.

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