For the dog who captured my heart

My Sweet Kramer

1/12/05 - 8/07/16

I was heart broken when my Italian Greyhound 'Kramer' passed away unexpectedly...  

He was my baby, the one who always had his eye on me and knew he was safe when I was there.  

In his last moments, I said my final goodbye and kissed him on his soft head. His ears were folded back like paper ears. I loved those paper ears. I decided to set up this site as a way to remember Kramer's life, his energy, his special love.  I wanted to connect with others who have that special bond with their 4-legged angel. 

I get tears in my eyes when I think about him, his blankets and jackets and collar are still in my closet.  I miss him every day.  When I shared the news on Facebook of his passing, I was touched by the tender comments from friends and family, and I was surprised how much it helped me when I was so sad.

As an artist, I wanted to create something that would help me remember Kramer, all of his silly nicknames and the things that made him so unique. Having a piece of art or a pillow to hug along with a place to share his poem, I knew would bring comfort. It would be something to keep the memories alive and help heal the hole that was left in my heart. 

With every purchase on this site, I donate to ASPCA - the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®. Thank you for helping me support this great program!


I have been drawing since I was young and my favorite subject to draw has always been animals, especially dogs.  I love working with different types of mediums - charcoal, prisma color pencils, acrylics, watercolor, pen/ink and airbrush.  

I had to opportunity to go to the Art Institute of SLC later in my career and was very excited to learn graphic design skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I have enjoyed combining my hands-on art with graphic design to create unique pieces.  


Pencil sketch of a beloved bulldog with his loving fur mom.


Painting an outdoor tiger mural using acrylic and Kwal paints.


Long haired dachshund custom portrait.


Acrylic painting of a toucan.


Digital artwork of Jim Morrison.


Watercolor and pen/ink illustration.


Prisma color custom portrait on suede board.

Airbrush mural of a swat team at a tactical training center.


Work in progress - pencil sketch of a horse.


Collage in Photoshop and one of my favorite quotes.


Chappie - our new Italian Greyhound who helps me with my drawings.