How can I get custom artwork done of my pet?

All that I need to re-create your pet as beautiful artwork is a photograph that has good lighting and shows details.  It is great if you have more than one photo as sometimes the light varies and it's helpful to see the color of the fur and eyes in different lighting and with multiple angles. Sometimes client's have their pet perfectly captured in one photo and that works great, so don't worry if you don't have multiple photos.  If you have any questions about your photo, email it to paperears.co@gmail.com and I can look over it and get back to you and let you know if it will work, or I can give you tips and suggestions for new photos.  It is best to have the photo up close of the face, as full body pictures can lose some detail when they are further back.  I like to focus on recreating the face only, as that is where I can catch the personality and love for your pet.  Send the photo you are interested in having recreated to paperears.co@gmail.com and I will get back to you to confirm if the photo will work and let you know a timeline.


How long will it take to get custom artwork done?

Custom artwork is currently 4-6 weeks out.  Email paperears.co@gmail.com and I can get back to you with a specific time frame based on the current workload.


How is the artwork created?

My approach to each portrait is unique and I use a combination of hands-on illustration plus digital techniques to get the desired outcome.  Mediums I work with are: prisma colors, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, airbrush, pastels, markers and digital art through Photoshop and Illustration.  I love utilizing the skills I have mastered over the years to really capture a dog's spirit.  I understand that you want a portrait with a perfect likeness of your pet including those eyes that see right into your soul.  I try to achieve this in every portrait I create.


How much does it cost to get custom artwork done?

Pricing for custom artwork of your pet varies depending on what you want:

Custom Portraits click here

Custom Pillows click here

Custom Totes click here

I will keep you posted through the process and make sure you are completely happy with your pet art before it is shipped.  I know how much your pet means to you and having the opportunity to recreate them is an honor.  I will send you a photo of the final before it is shipped out and make sure it is just how you want it. I want this artwork of your fur baby to warm your heart every time you look at it.


How much does shipping cost?

For domestic shipping, the cost is $15.95 and will be shipped via USPS with tracking, insurance and signature required for delivery. For International shipping, the cost is $25.95.



For any additional questions, please email paperears.co@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 48 hours Monday to Friday. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!